Terms and conditions - and campsite regulations

The rented object is only valid for the persons included in the rental agreement.

The tenant must ensure that guests check in at reception as soon as they arrive. This applies to day visitors as well as to overnight guests. Guests may not drive into the campsite, but must park in the car park. Day visitors remaining on the site after 11 p.m. will be viewed as overnight guests and will be required to show a valid camping pass and to pay the general overnight fee. Breaking this rule may lead to expulsion from the campsite.

The camping pass covers the person the pass has been issued to, as well as spouses/cohabiting partners and children living at home under the age of 18. If several families or several members of the same family are staying on the same pitch/cottage, sufficient passes will be needed to cover everyone.

If you are lending out your caravan, please make the information desk aware of this. Your guests will need to register as general campsite guests and pay the general overnight fee. Electricity will be registered on the pitch meter.

Subletting or selling your pitch to others is not allowed.

Electricity use is metered. Long-term guests must provide us with their meter reading by 30/6 or the first Saturday after that, at the latest. Readings for spring and autumn pitches will be calculated at the close of the season.

With regard to fire regulations, a minimum space of 3 metres must be left between caravans (not including towbar). The back of the van must be positioned at least 30 cm from the pitch marker; personal cars must be parked to the right of the van.

Rented pitches must at all times be kept clean and tidy. It is the responsibility of the tenant to keep the grass short and to ensure that the edges around the caravan and the awning are neat. Lawnmowers can be borrowed from us.

Only one campervan, one awning and one storage tent are permitted per pitch. The pitch must always be left clean and tidy, meaning that windbreaks must be taken down, bikes and dinghies must be put away behind the van, and beer crates and other items must be removed every time you leave the campsite.

Containers for glass, bottles and refuse disposal and drums for hot coals have been provided in the south and north buildings. Cardboard and other burnable items can be put in the container by the car-washing area. Cardboard boxes must be folded down flat. The disposal of any other rubbish is the responsibility of the tenant.

Each pitch is entitled to 1 vehicle only, which must be kept within the camping pitch; any other vehicles, including those of guests, may be left in the car park.

Dogs are allowed in the campsite, but must be kept on a lead at all times and must be walked outside the campsite. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in the bin provided.

At the end of the season, the pitch must be left as it was found, i.e. the grass must be mown. The campsite owner is not responsible for any items left behind, including caravans and tents. Any items left behind will be removed at the tenant’s expense.

In the case of any dispute concerning the lease, the campsite director’s decision will be final.

Breaking one or more rules will be seen as a breach of contract, and the campsite may subsequently expel the tenant at any time without any form of reimbursement.

The lease is not terminable during the period concerned, so there will be no financial compensation if you leave the campsite earlier than anticipated.

We also request that you respect the campsite regulations, as well as those of the Camping Board.